A new narrative for a Bitcoin bull run in 2025

In 2024 Bitcoin (BTC) has surprised the crypto community with a new all time high before the occurrence of the halving event. A feat the popular cryptocurrency hasn’t managed to execute before. A large reason for this early price success is related to the launch of the first Bitcoin Spot Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) in the United States, which resulted in billions of dollars of capital inflows. Since its new all time high in march the BTC price has been volatile and seen significant crashes. The question arises when we can expect a new bull run of BTC that can bring the price to new highs. 

Historically the BTC price behaves in four year cycles, mainly related to the halving event that occurs in a similar pattern. As crypto analyst Rekt Capital displays, the Bitcoin cycle tends to lead to new all time highs after the halving. The analyst shares his insights on social media. 

Bitcoin all time high in september 2025

In the bull run of 2015 to 2017 it took bitcoin 518 days after the halving to reach its new all time high. In the bull run of 2019 to 2021 it took even longer with 546 days. The last halving occurred on 20th of April and according to the analysis of Rekt Capital it is likely we can expect an all time high between 518 and 546 days of the halving. This means we could expect a new price surge around September or October of 2025. 

BTC price outpacing historical cycles

As the analysts highlights, the BTC price is currently out-pacing its general trend by a large margin, mainly due to institutional interest. Rekt Capital expects bitcoin to consolidate longer than usual after the current halving to “resynchronise” with the traditional halving cycle. This means investors might expect a longer than normal price slump for BTC. 

The long wait will be worth it, as historical price patterns show. A new bull run in 2025 could bring the BTC price above a valuation of 100.000, an impressive markt for the popular coin. These new highs will likely kickstart an altcoin season, similar to previous crypto cycles.  

BTC inflow to exchanges on 10-year low

On-chain data from analytics platform CryptoQuant show historic lows in the exchange inflows of bitcoin. Current flows reached historic 10-year lows as more and more BTC investors hold on to their coins. A positive indicator for the bitcoin price as less coins become available on exchanges for selling.







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