Vitalik Buterin wants to use AI for code audits on the Ethereum blockchain

The founder of the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain, Vitalik Buterin, intends to employ artificial intelligence to rectify errors across various blockchains. Improving code audits is a high priority for the 30-year-old programmer.

AI-supported code audits can learn from new information and adapt accordingly. As a result, the artificial intelligence tool performs better than current automated tools.

Additionally, AI systems can assist in the inspection by humans and in discovering vulnerabilities within a blockchain.

Enhancing security within the blockchain is urgently needed. In 2023, more than $2 billion was lost to scams and hacks. The Ethereum network was most severely affected by these vulnerabilities.

In a tweet on February 19, Vitalik already mentioned the importance for Ethereum to eliminate coding errors to ensure security within the blockchain.

In recent weeks, OpenAI has added several new products to its platform, making the AI sector an interesting one for investors to watch. Nvidia, a computer hardware manufacturer, is also seeing tremendous growth. This indicates that interest in the AI sector has definitely increased, and the prices of AI tokens within the crypto market are growing exponentially.

The impact of AI on code audits

There are already some automated tools that perform code audits. The disadvantage of these tools is that they lack the ability to absorb new information and subsequently implement it in improving code audits.

“AI can be trained to recognize new information and context and adapt to it, making it more effective in identifying vulnerabilities that may not be covered by static analysis rules,” said a developer from TokenFi.

Artificial intelligence can also predict vulnerabilities faster than other tools, based on historical data and predictive information.

AI is thus becoming an increasingly significant part of our lives. In this way, blockchains can be better secured. When Vitalik plans to implement AI in the Ethereum blockchain is still unclear, but it is crystal clear that it will have a positive effect on the Ethereum price.







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